Responsible Gaming

We are interested in ensuring that our customers get the maximum pleasure from the game and do not experience gambling-related troubles. We understand that there may be gambling addicts among our casino visitors, for whom gambling has become a disease. We have no way to restrict the access of such users to games, we can only advise players to follow the principles of responsible gaming. For our part, we try to do everything to ensure that our customers play gambling for their own pleasure.


Millions of people around the world regularly play slots, having fun and winning real money without being addicted to gambling. If you are just beginning to play slots, roulette or card games, you should follow the guidelines below. This will allow you to fully enjoy the games without becoming addicted.

  1. The first thing to do is to determine your gaming budget, deciding how much you are not sorry to lose. It is advisable to determine the budget for the day, not for a week or longer. Otherwise, if you are suddenly unlucky, you can spend a week’s budget in a few days, after which there is a risk that the game will be invested with funds not originally intended for it.
  2. To make it more convenient for you to determine your game budget, we added this option to set limits. You can set a limit for the day/week/month. You can set limits not only on the amount of deposit, but also on the amount of bets made during the selected period. Learn more by clicking here
  3. Minimal risk will allow you to keep control over the situation. 
  4. Don’t forget that the game should always be a game, and trying to go all-in may not have the best consequences. By making bets that are acceptable to your budget, you can stretch out the fun of the game and have an even better chance of winning big, because the more rounds you play, the more likely the outcome is to bring you a huge prize.
  5. Don’t gamble with borrowed money. Similarly, you shouldn’t borrow money just to get even. In general, solving problems, including financial problems, with the help of gambling already indicates the presence of addiction.

Determine in advance the time during which you will gamble. During games, including gambling, time flies very quickly. Even faster minutes melt away during the lucky streak. But that shouldn’t stop you from doing what you have planned, even if you think you’ll hit the jackpot in a few more spins. An independent player can stop and stop playing at any time.

Take breaks during the game. Do not turn into a robot, thoughtlessly clicking the button spinning the reels and not paying attention to everything that happens around. Distract yourself from the game at least every half hour for a few minutes. In an extreme case, if you are so addicted to the game, that you do not notice the passage of time, set a timer that will remind you of the need to rest.

Do something else besides playing. The game should not turn into an activity that you do after you get home from work until late at night. There are many ways to have fun and enjoy life, and the slot machines can be one of them, but should not become the main one.

Do not gamble for money, being in a depressed or stressed state. At such a time a person is not capable to be accountable for his actions, which may lead to negative consequences, reckless risks and, as a consequence, to an even greater deterioration of your condition. The same applies to playing while intoxicated.


If you suspect that you are developing a gambling addiction, take a short quiz by answering a few questions. This will tell you if you need to take action and reduce your playing time.

  1. Have you been late for school, work, or an important meeting by gambling?
  2. Have you spent money on gambling that was meant to pay your rent, utilities, food, and other natural needs?
  3. Did you leave your friends and family unattended, spending all your free time on the game?
  4. Have you quarreled with your family over gambling?
  5. Do you get nervous when loved ones ask you about gambling?
  6. Have you withheld income from your family in order to invest in gambling?
  7. Do you think about gambling while you are doing other things?
  8. Have you tried gambling at work?
  9. Do you often talk about gambling, even if your interlocutors are not interested?
  10. Are you embarrassed to talk about gambling for money?
  11. Do you see gambling as a way to make money?
  12. Do you dream of spending the jackpot or big winnings?
  13. Are you in a hurry to finish things so you can get back to playing as soon as possible?
  14. Do you find yourself feeling uneasy after not playing for days or even hours?
  15. Does talk of gambling addiction irritate you?

An affirmative answer to at least one of the above questions suggests that you should think about why you gamble and take note of your gambling addiction. Five or more affirmative answers indicate a developing gambling addiction, ten or more indicate serious problems that require immediate action.

It is virtually impossible to cope with a gambling addiction on your own. Fortunately, there are communities for players who want to get rid of their addiction. These players can communicate, share their problems and find solutions together. Among the Russian-speaking associations of this type, the largest community is Gamblers Anonymous. In addition, there are large communities in other countries.


To play for money at Loki online casino is allowed only to persons of legal age. Each user can specify his date of birth immediately after registration in the personal cabinet or at the request of security service of online casino in case of reasons for doubt. If there are suspicions on the veracity of the age specified by the user, his gaming account is blocked until the circumstances are clarified. To ensure the most comfortable game, we do not require the user to confirm the data at each withdrawal, even if the withdrawal is carried out for the first time. But if the data in the personal account and the data obtained from the details of payment systems do not match, we may ask the client to confirm his identity.

We do not try to attract minors to the games by advertising or any other means. If you become aware of minors playing at our online casino, please report this to our customer service and we will take appropriate action immediately.


If you think you need to stop playing the game for a few days, you can do it yourself by clicking on this link You can block your game account temporarily, specifying the desired period. Your account will be frozen, and you will be able to log back in at the end of that period.

If blocking your account does not work, and you return to the game after unblocking, you can block your account for life, and all funds from it will be returned to you in full.

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