For all users, the main criterion for choosing a gaming site is the presence of an official license. Gambling license is issued only to those casinos that have passed all the checks on the quality of employees and the overall functionality of the site. Legally authorized portals ensure the safety of players by offering only original software, general established rules of operation and privacy policy.

About online casino certification

Leonbet online casino has a license number 140186 of the island of Curacao. The official document was issued after passing various inspections and submitting a list of documents to the official authorities of the state. Licensing agreement of Curacao authorized Leonbet to cooperate with the leading game software providers, conduct money transactions and provide gambling services.

The presence of such a document made the gaming club famous among gamblers in India and a number of neighboring countries. The portal undergoes monthly inspections by specialized marketing companies. Any violation on the part of the administration can lead to the closure of the Internet institution and the presentation of a large fine. Therefore, the owners of the playground carefully monitor their work, improving the functionality for the benefit of their users.

The regulations of the license and its number are published on the official site of Leonbet. Thanks to this, it is possible to check various third-party links, mirrors for originality. Even at spare URLs, the administration is obliged to publish at least the number of the license, through which you can get confirmation of the casino in the registry list. Additionally, you can pay attention to the originality of the slot machines on the portal. All slots have the original logo and cover, which is supplied by the dealer along with the software.

Advantages of licensed casinos

The main advantage of having a license is the ability to play for real money. This is one of the main reasons why casinos get official permits from the jurisdiction to start operations. Since “Leonbet” is a validated site, you can play for money on it, making a deposit and withdrawing your winnings to your personal account.

Banks and electronic payment systems do not cooperate with the casino without a license.

When registering a personal account, the possibility of withdrawal and deposit, banks pay attention to the license of the gambling club. In confirmed casinos, all transfers are made in a short period of time, without any delays on the part of the administration. Fraudulent institutions often block funds, after which the player can not use them. Since such clubs are not certified, the user can not make a complaint or contact law enforcement agencies.

Privacy Policy of the Gambling Club

The Curacao document allowed Leonbet to secure its servers against hacker attacks and fraudulent account hacks. In this regard, the administration of the online casino has developed a special privacy policy, which is publicly available on the official website of Leonbet.

Thanks to the special encryption protocol, special player verification, the use of HTML5 and the automatic acceptance of the individual policy of the provider supplying the games on the website, gamblers remain safe. All personal information, IP data, history of money transfers and deposits remain only between the player and the casino, without spreading to third parties. In the case of gross violations, both the gaming club and the player may apply to law enforcement.

To get acquainted with all official documents, you should go to the Leonbet website or the Leonbet mirror in the “About us” section. Also, all the necessary data about the work, certificates and licenses are provided by the support service after the official request of the gambler.

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